How to pair usb joystick PC to your android games using wifi

Monday, 3 August 2015

for you who love to play games on the Android platform, but want to be bothered with a touch screen controller, you can use a USB joystick that you have at home and certainly benefit from this tutorial you do not need to buy a special joystick for android devices which are more expensive.

Okay, the first thing you do is download all the apps below
- wifi keyboard -> get it free in playstore and install on your android device
- JoyToKey -> this is a portable app so you didn't need to install it

if all the applications you have installed, the following steps to connect usb joystick:

1. turn on portable hotspot on your android device and then connect it to your PC
settings -> more -> portable hotspot -> turn on WLAN Hotspot
make sure your PC connected to your hotspot portable

2. make wifi-keyboard as the default keyboard on your Android device
settings -> Language & input -> default keyboard -> wifi keyboard

3. will appear notification an IP address from wifi-keyboard app, type IP address in the address bar in your PC browser

4. connect usb joystick with your PC, then open the application JoyToKey.exe there you will configure the joystick controller

5. change joystick button by double clicking on the button, then input what you want to change in the input text yellow and click OK/enter
LEFT change to the left arrow on your PC keyboard
RIGHT change to the arrow right on your PC keyboard
do so for button UP and DOWN
you need to know that the button 1, 2, 3. , , is:
button 1 for the triangle button
button 2 for the circle button
button 3 for the cross button
button 4 for rectangular button
button 5 for the L1 button
button 6 for the R1 button
button 7 for L2 button
button 8 for the R2 button

but not all the android games for unused keys because the controller was not much like other PC games, here we only use two buttons excluding arrow keys, change the two keys
button 1 change to '' Alt '
button 2 change to '' insert '
it means here you'll just using triangle button and circle button on the usb joystick

6. after configuring the joystick let the JoyToKey app runing in background than beck to wifi keyboard on your PC browser, just click on the text input

7. Open your game on your android device.

done, now you can use usb joystick on Andoroid games

*tested on Lenovo A7000-a with game zombie warfare VR
have a nice play :)

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