BBM (Blackberry Messenger) will not be installed on Samsung Android platform

Saturday, 8 June 2013
The news about the presence of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to Android and iOS based devices certainly be a joyous thing. However, it appears that the fuel will not be present for the device from Samsung.

BlackBerry Live during the 2013, the BlackBerry explain that would open the door for other platforms that want to use one of their security features. In other words, Android and iOS as the platform selected, will be able to use the features of this multi-chat directly. Which is obviously going to hold fuel in iOS is Apple, but for Android-based devices, the BlackBerry has not given the official explanation. However, the newspaper quoted a little uncomfortable on the Android OS (06/06), Samsung reportedly will not let fuel in and be one of the features in their devices. This is because in almost all existing Samsung devices similar feature called ChatOn. It is feared that, with the advent of fuel at Samsung's device, then ChatOn will be eliminated by itself, due to the popularity of fuel higher than ChatOn. Although BlackBerry has not announced any vendor that can be integrated with BBM, but a Canadian company that has released a notice that all Android or iOS device users can download it directly feature in Google Play or also in the iTunes App Store. Reportedly, the fuel began to attend to the two platforms officially by the 27th of June.

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