Chainfire 3D + Tutorial

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Due to many requests to use Chainfire3D way, now I will try to love the tutorial. Hopefully it can be easily understood.
As we know this application is very useful to relieve the heavy game. It's kinda weird I often recommend using Chainfire3D but not the way I would like to install it. :-p
OK immediately wrote following his step by step, so pay careful attention. :-)

1. Download Chainfire3D and its plugins used here:
2. Extract the files you have downloaded earlier to the sdcard.
3. Install Chainfire3D Pro v3.3.apk, then open the apikasi.
apk file if there isnt get here:
4. If there are warnings allow superuser click ok.
5. Select the CF3D driver
6. Then select HP pal will install and reboot.
7. Having been turned on again, open the application again Chainfire3D.

8. Scroll down a bit and select Install plugins / shaders
9. Then select click OK
10. After that my friend back then locate and select writings Fix Market settings. Click ok.
11. When it entered into the Default OpenGL settings -> Use plugin select PowerVR. click OK
12. Now the graphics settings to lower quality in order to play the game more smooth. Go to Default OpenGL Settings, check the paper Reduce Reduce texture quality and texture size
13. Done! Please try to play HD games and feel the difference. :-)

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