Friday, 15 March 2013

It is very fun for users Galaxy mini is a freedom to experiment in tinkering Handheld (HH) it. All the result of tinkering action galmin certainly a risk respectively. This means that all actions have the risk of failure that can result in damage.


Small risks include actions rooting, flashing and firmware upgrade. A common form of failure bootloop or stuck. The failure of this stage is usually overcome by the data wipe and flash again. And based on experience, the act of rooting and upgrading firmware is not up removing the Samsung warranty.

Moderate Risk among other modifications ROM, ROM BootROM and Management. Risk is highest Softbrick, which resulted in damage to the Mini software that does not want to live anymore and can not enter Download Mode. The result can not be done flash back through Odin. If you have this specific techniques are required or taken to the SSC to be revived.

HIGH RISK is OVERCLOCKING action. Overclocking is the act of forcing the processor to work at higher clock than it should. If successful, then the HH we will work faster and better performance. Conversely, if it fails, we'll HH damaged. Damage caused by overclocking is no longer limited to software damage (brick) but was directly on the hardware. CPU can be broken due to the high clock strongly encouraged. Can we analogy as follows: .. if we have a 12 volt bulb and rated voltage 20 volts, the course will besinar brighter. Indeed, the lights will not immediately break up, but certainly will not be long lamp life ... Many boast mini afford at oc to over 800 MHz, complete attach benchmarknya results. But like the last bulb, the mini cpu does not directly break. After that incident ... playing the mini games tiba2 restart and do not want to live anymore, there is also a report on the screen went black and a striped or internet connection so dead ... If so then we can only pray that the damage can still be covered by the Samsung warranty.

For beginners who learned to tamper Galaxy mini, should be used to measure the level of risk that could bear. Taking action Rooting, flashing and firmware upgrade has the smallest risk. If we fail to live langkah2nya repeat from the beginning.

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