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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tutorial change battery icon, signal, wifi etc

- Root
- Install Root Explorer
- Install AndroZip
- Back up your important data

download icon battery:

1. open root explorer => system => framework and locate the file framework-res.apk
2. copy framework-res.apk to sdcard as a backup if any time to be reversed just as the original
3. open AndroZip then create a new folder named what it is up to ... eg robots.
4. AndroZip still extract the framework-res.apk file to a folder and then exit robot
5. open my file => robots => res drawable-ldpi folder searching, there's a lot of icons .. nah goal replace the battery icon battery icon so find a sequence .. there are 16 icons (froyo)
6. note the icon names are not to be mistaken
7. AndroZip entry extract the downloaded file earlier.

8. return to my file => notificon_kitchn => batery icon right now there are many .. Please select 16 icon do you like and rename the 16 icons that you like before the battery icon names that had been recorded
9.remove the existing battery icon 16 difolder drawable-ldpi
10. 16 move the icon you like and have had to rename the folder in drawable-ldpi
11. open root explorer => sdcard => robots click the menu, select 'multi select' select 'select all' select 'zip eg name aaa'
12. still in root explorer => open sdcard folder and locate the file speedsoftware yesteryear made ​​... rename and change the extenstion a framework-res.apk
13. remained in root explorer move framework-res.apk made ​​earlier out of the sdcard
14. change permissions framework-res.apk was so rwrr
15. move framework-res.apk to system => framework
16. reboot..

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