Script to Increase Battery Durability

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Here we share a tutorial script to increase battery durability in galaxy mini
 to use this script, we have to convert it to tweak that will be input at: folder system / etc / init.d / here
(If there is no init.d folder created first using root explorer, permissian check all)
or group can read the document entitled init.d advance

• Rooting


• Busyboxpro V8.3
• SManager (Play Store)
• V6 SuperCharger script (a script that will use battery saving tweaks)

1. Install BusyBox.apk, until the phone reboots
2. Install Script Manager.apk
3. Save the Script V6 SuperCharger.txt to SD Card
4. Open SManager app, tap Script V6 SuperCharger.txt on your SD Card (SU: allow)
5. Then tap the button Run
6. Running the script first, there is a choice (0-3), tap and fill: 1 (tap enter)
7. Running the script a second, there is a choice (1-17), tap and fill: 6 or 7 (tap enter)
8. Running Script Third, there is a choice (0-3), tap and fill: 17 (tap enter)
9. Wait until the process is completed the third phase of Running Script
10. When finished, tap the Close button (top left)
11. Open Root Explorer app, go to the folder system / etc / init.d / here
12. There 99Supercharger tweak file (tap durable then rename)
13. Rename it like this: 99Supercharger be S99Supercharger
14. Then Reboot your mini
15. Completed

• The battery last up to 18 hours (normal usage)
• Performance ROM: stable (no frequent spikes)

GB 2.3.4 DXKPD (Successful)



V6 Superchanger


- Install BusyBox for Stock Rom (Market there)
- Script V6
- Script Manager.apk
- Download dimari same V6 Script Manager ->
- Extract taro wrote Sd card
- Init.d (if no init.d rootex make first use, check all).


-Install Script Manager.apk
-Open Script Manager.apknya
-Click the menu or setting in device
-Click More ---> Advanced Options -> Config -> Check the Browse As Root -> Back (wait a bit longer and allow access from Superuser)
-If it turning from allow superuser Search Script (which your downloaded earlier) and then click
-Then check the Run As Root
Fav and Su-tick
-Click the Run will be out there Question Question Terminal and later
# Question his or her Settings at Run this V6
- First pass ditanyain Select 1 or Type 1 (later will run again)
- Both Type 6 (will be run again)
- The third type 18 (will be run again)
- Fourth type Y (later will run again)
- The fifth type 26 after typing this there will be readings POOF! Reboot ..

- Go to root explorer go to system > etc > init.d. here search tweek 99Supercharger touch of a button on the top right to be "Mount R / O", then select tweek 99SuperCharger Touch and hold that there is a choice, choose rename, renamed 99SuperCharger S99supercharger just add "S" in front of the name tweek

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