Open The Case Galaxy Mini

Friday, 15 March 2013

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 chassis was very easy to know! Do not believe?
Believe it because I will share how to do it. Samsung Android phone is a mini version of a lot of fans because of good performance but has a fairly cheap price. Its tiny makes the Android mini is susceptible to "something" that may require you need to open the case fixing "something" was. Well now prepare the equipment to open the phone casing and carefully consider the prompts. Let's go!
Here's how to open the casing of the Samsung Galaxy Mini:

1. Open the battery cover and remove the battery, sim card and memory card. Then open the 4 bolts as circled in red below.

2. Open bone casing of the battery using the plastic lever (sticks guitar, credit card or your fingernail is fine). Do it while surrounding suburbs casing apart.

3. This is the condition when the bone behind the casing is removed. Seen 2 pieces of flexible connector that is plug and socket, leverage them up carefully detached using equipment made ​​from plastic.

4. Lift board machine / PCB and separated as shown below.

5. If you want to disconnect the speakers, leverage from the designated arrows below.

6. This situation where the speaker buzzer was off.

7. To remove the protective metal, PCB board and flip open the four bolts as circled in red in the image below.

8. This is what the state board main engine was removed protective metal.

9. Remove the flexible connectors are circled in red below. You do bring up a black lever up and pull out flexible. Do it carefully.

10. As well as flexible speakers are apart.

11. To remove the lcd, lcd pingiran round heat with a hair dryer for 30-60 seconds. Remember, not too long heating because lcd vulnerable to damage by heat. Then leverage as shown below surrounds the outside of the lcd.

12. Well now lcd casing had been torn from the front.

13. Done ...

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